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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home Tour 2013

Part 1

This year I added some different touches to the Holiday Decor.  I pulled out the inherited Dickens Village, which is so time consuming but worth it, and I added some sparkly details.  Pardon the pictures they are not professional but the small Canon does the job.  I love this time of year, the shopping, lights, Blog home tours, crowds and cheer.  You see I know the real meaning of Christmas is my precious Lord and Saviour's birthday and that makes the celebration special along with family and friends.  

 The painted green sideboard is in my breakfast nook.  You probably recognize the Southern Living tray and pedestal with cloche.  Inside of the cloche is my tiny spoon collection from around the world.

 This glass table is located in the Dining room.  The wooden container is filled with lights, antlers and mercury candle holders.
 This year I added some mercury glass touches to the living room area.  The birch candles are from Pottery Barn outlet and the candleholders are a yard sale score.  I added the lighted branches.

 My son's new Father in law gave me some very old antlers that are bleached white.  I painted the tips gold on one of them to change them up.

 I made the Joy letters years ago and I grouped the old world Santas together on top of the antique chinoisserie cabinet.  

I will add more pictures soon of upstairs.

Merry Christmas!




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