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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Backyard Guest are Best

Our house has a rear entry garage off of an alley.  I love that, but it makes our backyard kind of open to neighbors.  The previous owner planted some shrubs which will mature into privacy.  We have a back door with a gazebo for now that I hope will one day magically turn into a screened porch with a fireplace.   Pardon the green mossy stuff on the patio a side effect of all of the rain we have had this summer.  We hope to pressurewash the whole house this fall.   The last picture is a 60 year old tricycle my Dad gave me, I will probably add it to the front porch and put a plant on it. 


  1. Such an intimate and cozy spot. Your cottage backyard is lovely!

  2. Such a warm and cozy spot. That tricycle definitely deserves a place of honor... it's both beautiful and a piece of your past... my favorite type of piece!