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Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Been A Whirlwind...

We have finally settled into our new home.  It has been a busy 2 months.  Our closing was delayed here so we had to store half of our belongings in 2 storage units, and the other half in the garage of our new home.  So in essence we had to move 3 times.  :( I am so happy to be all moved in, even though we have been digging our way out of boxes.  Thankfully we loved the paint colors so we didn't have to repaint anything.  I wanted to post some photos of the house before so I took some pics before the previous owner had totally moved out.  
 This is the living room.  We ended up purchasing the sofa and loveseat.  I loved the style.
 This is the kitchen and dining area.

 Dining room

 LOML office
 Upstairs media room
 Spare bedroom that will also be my studio.
 Guest bath
 Master Bed and Bath
 I will be posting pictures as I decorate.  It is nice to spread out a little.  See you next week!

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  1. Looks like a great house and I'm a bit jealous of you getting to start from scratch on the decorating! A lot of work but so much fun. I think I spotted some great chandeliers in a few of those pics! I hope you're enjoying your new life there so far away. We are sweltering here in Springfield but all is well.