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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ladder Love

 I found this 6 foot section of an old ladder at a local flea market.  I like the dark gray color and worn paint.  It found a home in my family room.  I can imagine many uses for it in the future, shoe rack, towel rack....

 I think I posted a picture of my little yellow stool before, but he is so darn cute I wanted to share it again.  I found this metal stool for $6.00 and painted it myself.  He is greeting guest who come in my front door.  Sorry for the sideways pictures. I will be joining Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday!


  1. I used to have some of these, but changed my decor. I still love them. The stool is so cute.

  2. Love the ladder and love the quilts. Ah heck ... I love the magazines too (because I have both of those).

    Thanks for letting us peek ~
    Mary @ SeaQuilts