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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Tour

This home was on a Victorian Home Tour.  It was built in 1904.  The current owners have updated the home while keeping the character.  My favorite room is the kitchen, I love the sideboard converted to an island and the twin chandeliers.  The little sunroom is so quaint!  The master bedroom has a lovely fireplace.

I finished my front porch.  I decided to bring out my vintage chalkboard.  I wrote a scripture from Isaiah to remind myself and my visitors of  the true meaning of Christmas!  A year ago this week my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Needless to say our Christmas was not very joyful.  My mom had surgery in January and had 6 weeks of chemo and 2 months of radiation.  The cancer had not spread and she has an excellent prognosis.  Praise the Lord.  Jesus is indeed a wonderful counselor, mighty God and Prince of Peace to me and my family.   I pray He is all these things for you this special time of year and always!

 Here is a picture from this Thanksgiving of me and my brother and Mom.

Here is a picture of my sons and nephews.  I am truly blessed.  I wish my sister and her family could have joined us!  Joining Common Ground Party!