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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Decor Inspiration

This house was found for sale in Roswell Georgia area.  We lived in Roswell for 14 years before we moved to Missouri.  I found the listing here.
I really like how they remodeled a typical 70's house into a modern clean look inside.  If you have looked at my blog you know I love me some color.  However, I enjoy looking at blogs that have embraced white.  Debra at Common Ground is in the process of "whitening" her house.  She just painted a massive chandelier in her family room.  You can see that here .  I don't how she held her arms up for that long! She is an inspiration.  What is your favorite color?  Have you been stalking white blogs too?  Let me know.
I am a little late joining the party here  
at Common Ground!

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