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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Father's Day

A special tribute to my other Dad, Jimmy Ennis. We sure do miss you. You were always there to care for the family and offer advice. We will see you in Heaven!

Happy Father's day to my dad Gerald. You have always been there for your kids and have always been a great influence in our lives. I love you Daddy!

Happy Father's day to my husband who has been and continues to be the best Dad in the world. He has always been there for our sons and me. I couldn't make this journey without him. I love you and thanks for all you do for our family!

Sorry It Has Been A Little While...

I went with a black and white toile theme. I am thinking of painting the walls Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn blue. For now they are a beige color which isn't that bad.

We have been busy these last few weeks. We had our dear friends from Atlanta visit. We had a lot of fun. Branson shows, Bass Pro, Lamberts just to name a few of the great things we did. We are expecting visits from my Mom and Brother, and nephews next week. I am so excited. The only project I have worked on lately is the kitchen chandelier shades. I found 3 at a thrift store and then I made 3 more to coordinate. It was super easy with the shade kits from Hobby Lobby. I will post pics soon. Here is a few pics of the guest bathroom.